What We Do

Energy for a Sustainable Universe - Utility-Scale Power and Infrastructure Development


  • Siting of Power Plants – identify locations with energy demand, comply with regional agency laws, assess environmental constraints, develop strong community partnerships
  • Execute Land Agreements – identify legal land owner, identify easements for power lines, negotiate land lease or purchase, comply with entitlement law, respect cultural norms regarding land holding, secure independent legal review
  • Execute Interconnection MOUs – identify distributed power constraints of utilities, conduct load flow and interconnection studies, comply with utility design requirements, negotiate interconnection agreements, secure independent legal review
  • Secure Jurisdictional Permits – build rapport with government at local, provincial and national levels, involve land owner and community leaders in stakeholder meetings, identify path to permitting success, conduct required environmental impact studies, prepare capacity building plan, present project plans to agency boards, independent legal review
  • Execute Power Purchase Agreements – closely track global market for solar power purchase, regular contact with prospective off-takers, prepare negotiated proposals, respond to gov’t tenders, comply with tariff constraints, secure tender awards, independent legal review
  • Secure Project Financing – maintain relevant and accurate financial models for each project in development, negotiate successful financing of projects with executed PPAs, negotiate mergers and acquisition of externally-developed project opportunities
  • Construction of Power Plants & Related Infrastructure – identify proven technology with long-term warranties and guarantees, build power plants and related infrastructure in partnership with qualified global solar contractors, involve stakeholders in pre- and post-construction review, execute relevant capacity building, secure qualified operations and maintenance contracts for asset management