About Us

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Techni Service Company (TSC), established since 1993, is a woman-owned, minority-owned firm providing sustainable siting and development of utility-scale solar energy projects and related infrastructure in growth markets. Viable and financeable projects are constructed and operated through joint ventures with leading, global solar contractors. Our clients are independent power producers (IPPs), investor-owned utilities (IOUs) and government-owned utilities.


Download the list of TSC Past Projects here.


  • Project Origination
  • Sustainability Assessment
  • Due Diligence on Viability
  • Development through Financing
  • Interconnection Process

Our mission is to provide services that facilitate the construction of solar energy projects using low impact development in regions experiencing energy crisis. The feasibility of project financing and viability of long-term power generation is assessed through rigor due diligence throughout project development.


TSC, a developer of solar power projects, includes community engagement and ecological sensitivity with every technical project. Our due diligence and life-cycle assessments ensure project viability and increase return on investment.